The Art of Substantive Editing

Many students think that there is no big difference between an online editor you can use for free and a professional editor you can pay to proofread an article. It may be true if we consider only the option of correct spelling and punctuation. But if you need to analyze a paper and check if everything fits the topic and is relevant, a simple software will not come in hand. It is only an experienced editor who can revise a text and give you some recommendations. This is when you will need someone who has mastered the art of substantive editing. It’s the type of editing that focuses not only on spelling and formatting but goes beyond that to analyze the meaning of each sentence and improve it if necessary.

Keep in mind that the way you choose to present the material is crucial. The dialogs from the famous movie scenes are the best example of that. Remember the dialog in Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” where two main characters discuss the way they call a Big Mac in France? The information from that dialog does not play a major role in attracting our attention. It’s the way those characters present and talk about it that matters.

There are many things a professional editor will pay the attention to when reading your text:

Specific and clear sentences

Some students want to impress the readers with long complex sentences and sophisticated terms. The problem is that it is not always appropriate. Long and twisted phrases make it difficult for a reader to grab the meaning quickly and leads to re-reading the whole passage from the beginning.

Passive voice

The use of passive voice is not that common in papers and articles as it as well makes the texts confusing. The faster a reader understands what you want to say the better.

Logical flow of thoughts

When you have a lot of ideas in your head, it is easy to skip from to another and make your writing confusing. The goal of substantial editing is to make sure that all the points are connected and create a wholesome picture in a reader’s head.

Appropriate terminology

Some of the same terms have a different meaning if taken out of context. There are terms that are used in several subject areas and also have a different meaning. The task of a good editor at is to check if all the terminology you’ve used is relevant to the topic of the text.

Variety of Services

Taking your goal into consideration, you can look for an editor who will correct the grammar and spelling mistakes or the one who will check the consistency and correctness of your writing. The substantive editing rates are usually higher than those of copy editing. There is a clear logic behind it as the former takes more efforts and time. We offer you all kinds of editing services at We work online which means that you can reach us at any time. Our prices are fair and we’ve earned the reputation of a reliable services throughout the years of the company’s existence. Let a professional cope with the editing issues and save time for more important activities. This is the place that can guarantee you the positive outcome and no problems with spelling and consistency. Don’t let a couple of mistakes spoil the impression of your outstanding paper.